FIL+ Allocation Token and Token Approvals

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Jun 21, 2022 1:07 AM
Storage Market Programmability

FIL+ Allocation/DataCap can become a non-transferable token (or with highly restricted transferability, with blessing by a notary or FIL+ governing body).

Currently, we are looking at FIL+ deals becoming a two-stage process. First, the client has to use the FIL+ Allocation to bless a PieceCID with FIL+ status, and then a deal with verified status can be made.

If FIL+ Allocation were to become a token then a mechanism of Token Approvals can be used to allow approved by client markets to spend the FIL+ Allocation token for the FIL+ status, thus reducing the friction of using FIL+.

See ERC-20 standard Approve and TransferFrom