Proposal: Bounty Contract

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Feb 9, 2022 12:34 PM
Filecoin as ubiquitous storage layer


We want to make a bounty to store an IPFS CID/PieceCID (see Perpetual Storage proposal)


Here are three solutions that we looked into, but they do not work because miners' reward is not efficient.

Basic proposal

  • Miners make deals on Filecoin
  • First one wins the bounty

Geometric distribution proposal

  • Miners make deals on filecoin
  • Bounties are distributed in a geometric way

Lottery ticket

  • Miners make deals
  • The faster you do it the more the chance to win the price for having done so

Claim and Stake Proposal

Claim and stake proposal

  • Miners claim to store and stake
  • They must prove before a timeline that they completed the work