Program Manager / Startup Operator

Disclaimer: text here is greatly “inspired” from Berty job description


Discover, learn and understand the line of products we’re building and gradually take the driver seat to steer them towards mass adoption. Listen to users and partners and connect this learning to the engineers, CEO etc to balance the business priorities and our resources.


1. Define and communicate the product vision - Lead the definition of the product vision and alignment between founder, leadership and sponsors.

  • User feedback is collected
  • First Metrics to measure product success (NPC, churn, etc.) are in place or at least defined.
  • Product Roadmap is created, transparent, and up to date.

2. Delivery Process Improvement - Contribute to the development of the Product Delivery Funnel - so that a consistent framework is in place for turning ideas into reality, and own the Backlog so that the technical teams have quality input to do a good work.

  • Items (ideas, epics, etc.) are clearly visible in the Delivery Funnel and
  • Active epics, features, and stories are updated and prioritized (clear business value defined) in the Backlog
  • Active and constructive participation in the software development processes

3. Lead the Cultural Change to develop a Customer Centric Mindset across the team (especially technical colleagues) - actively educate the team to develop a sense of putting the business and the customer at the heart of their decisions.

  • List of coherent actions (workshops, internal presentations, talks, etc.) and responsibilities for raising the business acumen of technical colleagues are created and actions are executed as planned
  • The team considers you a valuable member and is glad you are here to help.

Ideal Experience:

  • Business Knowledge in Web 3 Ecosystem, experience with delivery of B2C products and mobile apps, customer personas, collection of user feedback, NPC, churn reduction, communication skills (verbal, writing, public speaking), persuasion and deal-making
  • Process: able to adapt to software delivery framework, knowledge in Lean Startup, OKRs, Backlog Management,
  • Cultural: Entrepreneur / Founder and customer-centric mentality, servant leader, critical thinking