External Circuits audit

December 1, 2021 → December 9, 2021
@Dragan Zurzin + Proofs team + JP Aumasson

PDF Audit document we received from JP Aumasson as the result of our successful audit can be found here:

Additional Items that Which May be Helpful to Auditors

Diagram(s), e.g. TreeROld (generated by SDR), TreeDNew, TreeRNew, and TreeDNew sub-trees (ApexTree, PartitionTree)
Circuit spec

Audit Checklist

Soundness, e.g. there are not multiple sets of private inputs (witnesses) which satisfy a circuit instance
Check that it is fine to have unconstrained private inputs
Poseidon domain separation in PRF
Correctness of bits shifts and slicing, e.g. we are correctly slicing the high h bits from each challenge's bits
Correctness of splitting each challenge's TreeDNew path into sub-paths, e.g. partition and apex

Relevant GH issue: