Internal Trusted setup

December 9, 2021 → December 21, 2021
@Dragan Zurzin, @Kubuxu @jake
Dragan Zurzin

Trusted setup calendar

Trusted setup read more section, related to SnapDeals implementation:

Trusted setup - Observations:

Key principle: Coordination and Logistics are a big part of making this successful:

Stages we need to execute are:

- Pre Ceremony Checklist / Todos:

The Main goal is to get a call to arms

  • Requires:
    • What circuits are we running?
    • What specs do we need for the machines that are running?
    • Ensure a link to the google form

- Github repo setup

  • The github repo should at least contain
    • A sketch of the ceremony (for those who are curious)
    • A write up of the pre-req steps (dependencies etc) that should have been completed prior
    • Minimum hardware requirements for the circuits
      • Note you’ll want to know and share this information:
        • Specs for the machine that needs to be used
        • Specs for the space on the computer required
        • Size of the files (to estimate the upload/download speed)