SnapDeals: Bi-weekly Development Update - 2021-10-12

Current Delivery status is:

🟢 Green - On track for launch and committed dates

Expected ship date: 2022-02-20

Notice: Status based on the following definition/rule

Delivery timeline snapshot:


Relevant dates:

@October 14, 2021 - Lotus and Actors team will start development work associated with SnapDeals implementation

@October 15, 2021 We will do a "first revision" on the PR's we have on the circuit changes, they will finally be merged when Lotus and Actors implementation is done.

@October 20, 2021 - We will publish a new FIP version for SnapDeals

Current development tasks - In Progress

  • We are produced PR's for Major changes we did on the Proof implementation and making changes in the circuits in order to make Snap deals possible in the network.

Relevant issue for Sectors update on Proofs side done.

Recent wins/accomplishments:

  • Major work on the Proofs side is done, we are currently reviewing the implementation changes and getting them ready for Internal and External audit

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