SnapDeals: Development Report - 2022-01-19

Current Project Delivery status is:

🟢 Green - We are on the right path to deliver the Project

- Risk factors that need to be included: - that can potentially change our green status:

  • The testing we are currently doing on “SnapNet” makes us realize some gaps in the flow. There is a very low chance of this happening, but still, there is some risk.

Expected ship date: 2022-03-01

How do we keep the 🟢 Green status in the next 2 weeks:

  • We successfully run the Trusted setup ceremony until @January 26, 2022 for all planned participants and share the contributions we made with the community
  • We organize everything so we can get the new params over take all the upload steps - that will bring them to the calibration net and ready for final testing
  • We keep running the entire V15 checklist and close all the items, as we move with the delivery of the network upgrade

Notice: Statuses above are based on the following definition/rule

Delivery timeline snapshot:


Important delivery dates for this and the following week:

  • @January 26, 2022 - End of Trusted setup ceremony for SnapDeals circuits
  • @January 28, 2022 - Test the entire SnapDeals flow with the TSE team /MinerX to make sure, once more, that everything works the way we designed it for Snapdeals
  • @January 27, 2022 - Start uploading new parameters after the trusted setup, in order to prepare the calibration net testing and mainnet launch on @2022/03/01

Current development tasks - In Progress items:

Recent wins/accomplishments:

  • We successfully passed all the trusted setup runs in China mainland, having the added difficulty of the “great firewall” + 4 participants in 4 days. It was a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, but we did without major issues
  • “SnapNet”, as our new testnet for the V15 upgrade, is shared with the community and available for testing the new flow.
  • We got some very good feedback from all the trusted setup participants, especially on the way we organized the “params run” process, from logistics, announcement, instructions...

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