Trusted setup Checklist for December

In order for us to fully prepare to run the SnapDeals trusted setup in January with external participants we need to:

List of items:

1. Determine ways how we can easily get large files to participants:

We need to enable trusted-setup machines that would work for rsync.

Notice here: We need to avoid worker-gpu-4 because those machines would run out of disk space if it stored every participant’s files

Goal: create a great UX for people running the trusted setup with us

  • They would have a single place that they need to land, get the files —> Download them

——>process them on their machines ——> upload the results back in an easy way.

  • Notes for this - don’t have the ability
  • We have a note
  • Rsync machine for our internal run is ok.
  • S3 bucket can be used for external people, once we start the run for the external team. The challenge here is not to make any information that is public.

@jake we should be fine since we will have the GPG key.

We are hoping to test commands and run things with 1 participant since we want to test the process in a real-life scenario.

We need to ability to add SSH keys to the current machine + setup the Rsync box for an external run in January.

@Marcus Stong we can look for the things we used before and make them available for usage again.

Make sure we assign a public IP address for 1 machine to act as Rsync - @Cory Schwartz please assign an IP to worker-gpu-5
How do we add Dig - @Marcus Stong will ask give him access for the planned run for tomorrow?
Onboard Dig into cryptolab machines so he can run the setup tomorrow, as we planned.

2. Publicity communicate trusted setup towards the community and get participants to join in

Share the news with the work on Core devs call - @Dragan Zurzin will create a calendar event where participants can apply + do public outreach for people to join
Create a public calendar + Slack space where teams can follow the dates + add all participants
Share updates in Filecoin slack channel
Create dedicated channels for all participants so they can ask questions, troubleshoot, and run the ceremony.
  • We plan to have 10-12 teams running the params between @January 11, 2022 until @January 28, 2022
Check if Porcu will be available to do a run next week - @Dragan Zurzin

Goal: We have an open and easy communication process that will enable all participants to know when is their turn, what they need to do, and how

3. Determine and organize a way for large files to get into China, since we need to have at least 4,5 participants running the params there

We need to find an easy solution for participants in china to: Get the files —> Download them

——> Process them on their machines ——> Upload the results back in an easy way.

  • @jake Proposed solution:

We take the following steps:

  1. We created an S3 bucket in the Hong Kong aws region ap-east-1, then uploaded files into that bucket
  2. The first participant in mainland China setup an Alicloud server (located in Singapore) where they were able to download files from the S3 bucket
  3. The first Chinese participant transferred their downloaded files from their Alicloud server to their own servers in Shenzhen
  4. The first Chinese participant uploaded their files to a JDCloud rsync machine in region cn-south-1 owned by us
  5. rsync’ed the Chinese participants files from the JDCloud rsync machine to one of our trusted-setup verification machines
  6. I verified the Chinese participant’s files
  7. The next Chinese participant downloaded the previous participant’s files from our JDCloud rsync machine

Notes from the call:

@Marcus Stong - we should get a hold of the scripts we used before.

@jake - we can edit read and write permissions between participants

We need to find scripts that we used in JDcloud - @Marcus Stong @Travis Person

We can use it to spin it up and test if it still works.

  • Large files need to get into China before - 4 circuits will need 20GB file that each participant to use. 80GB in total, since we are kinda doing 4 trusted setups at the same time.
  • @Marcus Stong - that will take time, since the "great wall" is hard to cross.

We can start that on January 1st. - @Marcus Stong can volunteer for this line of work.

We should also contact some of the SP in China to go over the great firewall, that would be great. @Dragan Zurzin will take this task. EOW would be the original estimation for this to land.
  • We should also have the copy on JDcloud

@Marcus Stong :

On-Boarding first participant in Mainland China Checklist

PL uploads flle(s) to "trusted-setup-ap" S3 bucket
A participant prepares VPN to enable fast downloads outside Mainland China
Participant Download file(s) from S3 bucket in Hong Kong
Participant Follow instructions for running trusted setup
Participant rsync outputs to <insert-jd-cloud-ssh-connection-string>
PL confirms receipt on JD Cloud rsync machine