Write tests and validate the implementation - Lotus

November 20, 2021 → December 28, 2021
@Kubuxu, @zenground0


We need to test the basics of lotus-miner's new snap deals functionality. This should include tests of the FSM and integration tests. Behavior to be tested should include

  • Happy path -- successful snap deals update for a variety of different configurations
  • Handling of errors from chain, market, sector-storage interactions to the extent these are possible to induce
  • Graceful handling of operator error: for example test that marking a deal-laden sectors as snap deals fails early, test what insufficient funds cases look like, exercise deals that live longer than remaining sector lifetime
  • Marking for snap deals while sealing deals into another sector has the intended effects, i.e. snap deals prioritized

@zenground0 @Aayush Rajasekaran @Kubuxu - we should add more details when we have some time since we still didn’t discuss the testing we want to perform and specific test cases we want to cover

  • We can do that in this issue:

Done Criteria

We've exercised all test cases


  • sector-storage FFI integration test is not tracked here