Web3 Exploration

Web3 Exploration


Explore Web3 space focusing on protocols and answering these three questions:

  • What is Web3 today?
  • What does Web3 need in terms of cryptographic primitives?
  • What are the needs of the future?

Span of this effort: Q1-2022


  1. Upgrade internal knowledge about the web3 scene and develop an internal understanding of what’s next (Irene/Rosario/Luca)
  2. We externalize our understanding via paper and a conference placing our organization as point of reference for this research (Rosario)
  3. Spin off into a protocol/product that that is high impact and that we have the best team to work on (MPC/Threshold network, Data availability, others?) (Irene/Luca)


  1. List of protocols/products we studied and we are now experts
  2. List of open open problems (possibly with prioritization based on impact)
  3. List of cryptographic primitive that we believe are are key tools
  4. Plan for the the rest of the year


@Luca @Rosario Gennaro @Irene (DRI)