Protocol Opportunities Group

Protocol Opportunities Group

The Protocol Opportunities group is part of
. We have broad capability in both research and engineering, giving us a unique ability to investigate, design, analyze and implement significant protocol innovations. We target research-heavy protocol opportunities, both within Filecoin and beyond.

Our goals

  • To discover research-heavy opportunities in the web3 ecosystem,
  • To identify solutions to protocol challenges,
  • To bootstrap project teams to deploy these solutions,
  • To enable others in their pursuit of protocol improvement, and thus
  • To deliver new capabilities to Filecoin and Web3 more broadly.

We are not the only Filecoin protocol or FIP team. We prefer to tackle projects that are research-heavy or unusually complex. We enjoy a rare combination of capabilities and information advantages, but strive to enable other teams to drive Filecoin protocol improvement as much as we do. We are not the stewards of Filecoin, but a source of growth and change.

Mode of operation

  • We identify opportunities via (1) product review calls, (2) surveying miners, (3) product calls
  • We brainstorm potential opportunities weekly
  • When we find opportunities, we investigate potential solutions
  • When ready, we write a FIP draft and bootstrap a team

Our work

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